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A webinar is one of the best methods to convey extensive knowledge and build authority among recipients. However, such materials are rarely watched in their entirety. Conducting a long presentation in an engaging way is a challenge that often overwhelms amateurs.

Presentations recorded in cooperation with MU Production guarantee a world-class setting. We know how to turn the long form of this type of content from a problem into an opportunity. Thanks to proper implementation, you will not only take care of the professional image of the company and the presenter. You will also present knowledge in an attractive way and keep the attention of viewers throughout the entire presentation.

WebCase: a better alternative to webinars

WebCase is our proprietary format and an alternative to the traditional form of a long webinar. Thanks to the innovative combination of animation, professional voice-over, or even elements of AI, we are able to convey content attractively in just a few minutes, which usually fills the entire presentation. 

In the WebCase convention, you keep what is most important in a webinar: a natural, human voice and face associated with the brand. However, all you have to do is say a few sentences, and we will take care of the rest. This is the perfect format if preparing a long presentation is too time-consuming for you, or if you do not feel comfortable in front of the camera.

3 reasons to record webinars or WebCase with MU Production



A completely new approach to the webinar format, thanks to which you will keep its main advantages, while saving your precious time.



We know how to give a long format a bit of magic so that your webinar keeps the attention of viewers to the very end.



The sound of the material and the image of your brand worked out in the smallest details.

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