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We create creative B2B and B2C digital campaigns for the most demanding audiences. We deliver multi-channel and omni-channel implementations even on several markets simultaneously: from strategy to detailed reports.

Trusted partners in effective marketing

Trusted partners in effective marketing

We are a group of agencies dealing with 360° digital with our own media house. We help modern enterprise-scale organizations develop and implement multi-channel marketing strategies, increase conversions, create attractive content and create your unique image on the web.

We believe that success in marketing is determined by agility and continuous innovation. That's why we create a wide field for creative expression in various media, ATL/BTL communication channels and formats. We know how to ensure that your brand fits into current marketing trends, and even starts to outpace them and set the direction for the industry.

In our actions, we focus on high quality and honesty. We do not create clickbaits and misleading content, we do not use unethical tricks. We are a partner you can trust and we work out the same image for you.

How can we help your organization?

B2B Strategy

B2B Strategy

Any marketing action not backed by a thoughtful strategy is shooting in the dark and an easy way to waste time and budget. We are here to help you avoid these mistakes.

With our help, you will work out both general principles of marketing communication and plan the smallest details of individual campaigns. You will stop guessing: you will base your decisions on reliable data and thorough research. You will also get access to extensive reports and metrics of your actions. Based on them, you will be able to constantly improve the strategy so as to reach the most valuable target groups for you more and more precisely.

Digital campaigns

Digital campaigns

When reaching audiences who have already seen everything on the internet becomes increasingly difficult, you need really unique digital campaigns to stand out from the crowd. Fortunately, you are in the right place.

At MU, we create innovative marketing campaigns that precisely fit the needs of your company. We charm with creativity and know how to present what is best in your company in all modern formats, media and platforms. We combine finesse with business partnership. We know well that campaigns have specific goals, so we constantly measure the effects of our actions and optimize them.

Digital campaigns

Content marketing

Content marketing

Content marketing is one of the best methods to raise brand awareness in the long term, build an expert position in your industry and engage in dialogue with recipients. However, especially in the era of AI-generated content, the quality leaves much to be desired. 

In the MU group, we know how to captivate your audience with knowledge. We create valuable and engaging content that intrigues, explains, builds tension and tells engaging stories. We combine written forms, animation and video and build a unique message for your brand that you will identify with and your recipients will gladly come back for more.

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