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Show what is invisible in the world of IT.

Corporate Animation

Enchant your audience with your digital products

Enchant your audience with your digital products

Visual content in the IT industry is a tough nut to crack. How do you present processes and services that only exist in the virtual world? How do you show that the apps you create are better than the competition? Creatively used animation is our answer.

Thanks to our extensive experience working with clients in the IT industry, we know which animation techniques work best in this field. We create engaging marketing content as well as informational productions. We explain even the most abstract IT issues in an accessible and attractive way.

Solutions tailored to digital natives

2D/3D animation, motion design, or whiteboard? We precisely match the technique to each implementation, just like you match technology to projects. We know that the audience in the IT industry is demanding, so we constantly experiment and unleash creativity to offer you innovative solutions.

We create IT animations for advertisements, websites, social media, events, or tutorials embedded in applications, also in non-standard formats such as vertical orientation. We focus on effective communication combined with engaging storytelling, which will give your brand a memorable voice.

3 reasons to choose animations for the IT industry at MU Animation



Animation creatively using storytelling, comparisons and metaphors is the best way to showcase digital products and processes in the IT industry.



A wide selection of animation techniques and styles guarantees that together we will develop content that will meet your needs and fit the character of the brand.



We have already delivered over 5000 projects, a large part of them for the IT industry. We know how to effectively and engagingly talk about digital technologies.

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