Video production

MU Production - the highest picture and sound quality in video production and live broadcasting. Are you looking for a new, interesting and original perspective on your business?

We will work together to achieve your goals.

How will we change your video marketing?

The answer is simple – by turning our passion into unique videos which will captivate your senses.

In this day and age, with the Internet bursting with billions of average standard smartphone clips, we focus on perfect quality production, to make your content stand out of the crowd and to reach a wider audience.

Choosing between different technologies, video forms or ways of communicating with your audience will become one of your biggest assets, so don’t worry! Having an end goal, and knowing what you want to achieve will allow us to find a solution with the right cost-quality balance to bring you the results you expect.

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Video report

Conferences, fairs, promotional campaigns, sporting events or concerts – these are just a few examples of all the events which can be captured forever by professional video reports.

Qualified video reporting staff, equipment matched to the recording conditions, professional editing and post-production will allow you to awaken and capture the unique emotions, places and people that are the essence of your event.

Let's use video production to capture and keep the events that you find important forever so that you can come back and show them to others!

Promotional video

This term covers several categories of video production, differing in their purpose and nature. The most important are:

  • advertising videos;
  • corporate videos;
  • recruitment videos (employer branding);
  • instructional and training videos;
  • presentation videos (product videos).

Trust us, and we will use our many years of experience to find the right form and technique of production to suit your needs. We will also deal with the whole creative process, and help you to choose the right promotional channels for your audience.

Social media videos

According to statistics, around 60% of brands already actively use social media videos. Join them in promoting and selling your products, building your own business image or directing clients to your website.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter or LinkedIn? Not only will we help you choose the most effective communication channels for your business, but we will also adapt the video forms so that they are both effective and valuable to your audience.

Our video portfolio

Video report_MASTERS_&_ROBOTS Video report_MASTERS_&_ROBOTS
Video report_INNOVATION Video report_INNOVATION
Video report_NSC2019 Video report_NSC2019
Video report_WGW2017 Video report_WGW2017
Promotional video_CRYPTOMIND Promotional video_CRYPTOMIND
Social media video_ROW_EDITION_SANOFI Social media video_ROW_EDITION_SANOFI
Promotional video_TRIGGO Promotional video_TRIGGO
Video report_BASF150 Video report_BASF150
Promotional video_BIONANOPARK Promotional video_BIONANOPARK
Social media video_PRACA_DLA_POLSKI Social media video_PRACA_DLA_POLSKI
Social media video_DOUGLAS Social media video_DOUGLAS
Social media video_TASTY Social media video_TASTY
Promotional video_BYCMOZE Promotional video_BYCMOZE
Social media video_MAKING_OF_PRIEST Social media video_MAKING_OF_PRIEST
Promotional video_ISPORT Promotional video_ISPORT
Promotional video_CAPITAL Promotional video_CAPITAL
Video report_TIMAC Video report_TIMAC
Promotional video_RECKITT Promotional video_RECKITT
Video report_MSZ_ADK Video report_MSZ_ADK