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Explainer video

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A creative explainer video is the best way to clearly and engagingly explain any issue important to your business. Thanks to techniques such as 2D/3D animation, motion design and whiteboard, you will create attractive content in a unique style for your brand, which will be recognized by your audience.

Explainer videos created in collaboration with MU Animation guarantee innovation. Not only will you fit into current trends - you will start shaping them and setting the direction for your industry. By conveying knowledge in this way, you will also save time that you now spend on helping and answering customer questions.

Discover the potential of explainer video in your industry

The magic of animation gives us unlimited possibilities to creatively and stylistically fit explainer video into the unique character of your company and the market in which it operates. This format is particularly effective for products and processes that are difficult to present in a traditional video and require the use of symbolism, e.g. in banking.

The explainer videos we create are precisely adapted to the medium in which you plan to use them. We are familiar with animations prepared for websites, various types of social media, or for embedding directly in applications - also in vertical format.

3 reasons to choose explainer video at MU Animation



In the era of ever-shortening attention span, engaging explainer videos are the best way to convey important information.



Together we will create a unique style for your brand, which will be recognized by your audience.


Time saving

Once created, instructional animation saves time spent on helping and answering customer questions for years.

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