Animated advertising

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Animated advertising

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When your audience is flooded with content from all sides, you need something special to stand out. Animated advertising is full of creative freedom that will allow you to fully realize your visions. You will stand out from the mass of other content, describe captivating stories and make a lasting impression on your audience.

Animated advertising is also a guarantee of innovation. Not only will you fit into current trends - you will start shaping them and setting the direction for your industry. You will fully utilize modern media, such as vertical orientation adapted for viewing on smartphones, or proportions tailored to specific social media.

Discover the potential of animated advertising in your industry

Animated advertising is the perfect medium for content based on storytelling, it will also explain products and processes that cannot be presented with traditional video, e.g. in the IT industry. It will allow you to innovatively bring out everything that makes you proud in your business.

Advertising using techniques such as 2D and 3D animation, motion design, or whiteboard will appeal to young, demanding audiences who have already seen everything in modern media. It will fit perfectly into various ATL and BTL forms of communication, both on the internet and social media, as well as in more traditional places.

3 reasons to choose animated advertising at MU Animation



Unlimited space to creatively show everything that's best in your company and products and develop your unique style, by which your audience will easily recognize you.



We create in spectacular 2D, 3D, motion design, whiteboard and other techniques, and we precisely adjust the format to the devices or platforms key to your business.



We already have over 5000 projects in our portfolio. We easily navigate working with extensive brandbooks and key visuals, complex structures and corporate procedures.

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