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Capture your company and product in a dynamic frame

Capture your company and product in a dynamic frame

Did you know that video ads are watched on average up to 38% more eagerly than static ones? This huge marketing potential is just waiting for you to creatively use it for the development of your business.

Thanks to professional promotional films, you will capture your products, company and events in the best possible frame. You will highlight what sets you apart from the competition and expose the benefits you offer to both customers and future employees. You will tell captivating stories and leave no shadow of doubt that a better choice cannot be made. And all this while maintaining the highest quality and attention to detail.

Discover the potential of promotional films in your industry

The commercials we produce guarantee a precise adaptation of the form of communication to your industry, company values and the most important channels for you. Together we will create content that will effectively fit into the latest trends, build your brand and remain in the memory of the audience for a long time.

We record commercials taking into account the unique conventions and requirements of all popular media. We create ATL and BTL ads for both traditional channels and modern platforms like Youtube, Facebook, or TikTok. We know how important a group of smartphone users are, so we also adapt ads to vertical orientation.

3 reasons to choose promotional film at MU Production



Video is the most effective form of advertising, which will convince and remain in the memory of the audience much better than static.



We know how to precisely adapt commercials to the character of your company, the industry in which you operate and key channels.



We have over 5000 projects in our portfolio. We easily navigate working with complex brandbooks and key visuals, complex structures and corporate procedures.

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