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We harness the best ideas. Honestly.

Who are we?

We are the MU Group – a team of creative experts and online marketing enthusiasts. Since you are visiting our site, it means you are looking for extraordinary digital projects and reliable people to make them happen: with the highest quality, punctuality and with full commitment. We have it all!

We specialise in 2D and 3D animations, video, content marketing and websites. We have already completed over 5000 projects. We are always seeking new challenges. Check us out and see what we can do for you!

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Video report_MASTERS_&_ROBOTS Video report_MASTERS_&_ROBOTS
Video report_INNOVATION Video report_INNOVATION
Video report_NSC2019 Video report_NSC2019
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Social media animation_MASTER_CARD Social media animation_MASTER_CARD
Animated advertising_FLYPS Animated advertising_FLYPS
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Explainer video_DB_DIGGER Explainer video_DB_DIGGER
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Social media video_ROW_EDITION_SANOFI Social media video_ROW_EDITION_SANOFI
Animated advertising_ZEW Animated advertising_ZEW
Product animation_DECATHLON Product animation_DECATHLON
Explainer video_TRADER_STARS Explainer video_TRADER_STARS
Motion design_RAFCYCLE Motion design_RAFCYCLE
Atl tv advertising_BIELENDA Atl tv advertising_BIELENDA
Promotional video_TRIGGO Promotional video_TRIGGO
Social media animation_WWF_GHOST_NETS Social media animation_WWF_GHOST_NETS
Atl tv advertising_KTO_MA_LEK Atl tv advertising_KTO_MA_LEK
Video report_BASF150 Video report_BASF150
Animated advertising_HURRY_HEROES Animated advertising_HURRY_HEROES
Product animation_IBM Product animation_IBM
Explainer video_PANSA Explainer video_PANSA

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Mariusz Chojnowski, Orange Polska
Mariusz Chojnowski, Orange Polska

"In the implementation of the programs, the MU Interactive team displayed a broad range of competencies and provided Orange Polska with valuable professional support. Our cooperation in professional audiovisual production met our expectations and it’s a pleasure to recommend them as a reliable contractor.”

Bartłomiej Makolus, IBM Poland
Bartłomiej Makolus, IBM Poland

"Working together with MU Interactive on the broadcast and production of our video is up to our expectations. The course of our cooperation allows me to wholeheartedly endorse MU Interactive as a credible and professional provider of video and streaming broadcast services.”

Aneta Walas, Aldea IT Consulting
Aneta Walas, Aldea IT Consulting

„Working with MU was like going to Legoland as a child – it sounded very promising, then turned out even better than expected.”

Marcin Filipowicz, CEO, ID Advertising
Marcin Filipowicz, CEO, ID Advertising

"We have been cooperating with MU Interactive for more than five years. They are our company of first choice when it comes to gaming and interaction – from small booths to large 150-stand trade fairs. They provide what we need.”

Magdalena Misztal, Events Design
Magdalena Misztal, Events Design

"The company’s long experience, creative approach, communicativeness, availability and flexible project services have made the implementation and realization of our event a smooth operation in an excellent and friendly atmosphere."

Bartosz Duchiński, CEO & Founder Bartosz Duchiński, CEO & Founder
Bartosz Duchiński CEO & Founder

Enthusiast of science fiction, new technologies and "out of box" thinking. Expert in software design, digital marketing, and build LEGO constructions. He prefers acting from speaking; at work, he follows the motto "either good or not at all."

Grzegorz Krzysztofik, Chief Renevue Officer Grzegorz Krzysztofik, Chief Renevue Officer
Grzegorz Krzysztofik Chief Renevue Officer

He has wide experience in digital marketing and education in the field of commercial companies law. He transfers a combination of creativity and accuracy in implementing and optimizing various projects, processes and strategies.

Maciej Szczepański, Junior Operations Manager Maciej Szczepański, Junior Operations Manager
Maciej Szczepański Junior Operations Manager

His passion for order translates onto the professional sphere on daily routine. Huge fan of electronic music, e-sports, especially Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Fortnite. Runs marathons to clear his mind of and get a lot of fresh ideas.

Marta Kindeusz, PR Manager Marta Kindeusz, PR Manager
Marta Kindeusz PR Manager

She translates the agency world into the PR language. Being a mum made her nerves of steel, great patience, and speaks in a soothing and firm voice. A huge fan of Instagram, films from Indiana Jones, fantasy books, and home gardening.

Tomasz Piechnik, Chief Content Officer Tomasz Piechnik, Chief Content Officer
Tomasz Piechnik Chief Content Officer

The perfectionist in charge of safeguarding the professionalism and quality of the visual setting of our written content. He loves to read and remembers everything he has ever read. Always willing to share his knowledge and apply it in practice.

Mateusz Ruminiak, Head of video production Mateusz Ruminiak, Head of video production
Mateusz Ruminiak Head of video production

Coordinates the work of the video department and takes active participation in everything related to production. A food-lover, rail and sports fan. An avid traveler who has already passed many paths on Polish mountain trails.

Karina Pasiuk, Client Success Manager Karina Pasiuk, Client Success Manager
Karina Pasiuk Client Success Manager

A woman on the front line. Charge of the first contact with the client and reliable and comprehensive answers to all inquiries. Enthusiast of martial arts and classical music. Passionate about war reportages and culinary experiments.

Sławomir Pawlak, Digital Marketing Manager Sławomir Pawlak, Digital Marketing Manager
Sławomir Pawlak Digital Marketing Manager

In the company, he deals with improving the quality of advertising campaigns and inventing ways to reach recipients. He follows public life with passion and is ready to get involved in any dispute. Book-lover and connoisseur of strategic games.

Jędrzej Sosnowik, Art Director Jędrzej Sosnowik, Art Director
Jędrzej Sosnowik Art Director

A fierce samurai warrior wielding a magical sword. Thrown in the times' gate, he fell in love with the world of animation and won a wide range of film knowledge. Now he is looking for a way to return. He is the proud owner of the UFC championship belt.

Jakub Chilaber, Senior Graphic Designer Jakub Chilaber, Senior Graphic Designer
Jakub Chilaber Senior Graphic Designer

Responsible for maintaining order on our website. Squeezing text into narrow columns, creating logos, web design, and original publications are his specialties. In his spare time, he attends feasts, plays board games, cycles, and cooks.

Jan Sidorownin, Ilustrator Jan Sidorownin, Ilustrator
Jan Sidorownin Ilustrator

Man-egg with a beard. As a child, he fell into a cauldron with a magic drink, and from this moment, it still effected on him. Draws comics about lasers, ninja and magnificent monsters. Privately, the cat's father Pumpernickel and Sławomir fan's.

Jolanta Ulewicz, Animator Jolanta Ulewicz, Animator
Jolanta Ulewicz Animator

A creative animator with a sociological past. Seeker of unique character and the best means of expression. She approaches her work ambitiously and creatively. The Highlanders roots left on her mark of black humor and free spirit.

Aleksander Wałaszewski, Illustrator Aleksander Wałaszewski, Illustrator
Aleksander Wałaszewski Illustrator

When he was little, he set out to find Dragon Balls that make every wish true. On the way, he got lost and became a graphic artist. When he's at work, he almost always listens to classic game soundtracks, and in his spare time, he works on his comic projects.

Hanna Oloś, Illustrator Hanna Oloś, Illustrator
Hanna Oloś Illustrator

Illustrator by appointment. Fan of everything unusual, which she gladly transfers to the professional ground. If she does not draw, you can find her with nose in the book or watching movie and animation novelties - especially those chilling.