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Use our video content to boost your recognition and gain thousands of fans and new clients.

Video content - a new driver of business!

Video content - a new driver of business!

Watching habits change – that's a fact. Statistics make it clear that the average person spends more and more time online, and in particular on social media, which has overtaken traditional media – TV, and radio.

Recent forecasts reveal that soon, videos will make up up to 80% of global online content consumption. It is worth noting that videos are 1200% more willingly shared than pictures with descriptions. It is therefore worth investing in a good video so that it is not only effective but also efficient.

Businesses must follow consumers, so companies and organizations need to increasingly mark and maintain their online presence. One of the best ways to do this is to use social media, where video content is a must.

Are you struggling to choose which channel to use to reach your audience? No problem - we will develop an individual communication plan for you, taking into account not only the selection of the appropriate social media platform but also outlining promotional activities.

Top 4 types of social media videos:

  • Live streams - these evoke the greatest excitement, allow real-time interaction and engagement with viewers; they are most effective in making announcements and launching new products, or hosting Q&A sessions or chats with your audience;
  • Tutorials - a form of guide, which is very attractive to viewers, and one of the most popular video types in social media; they may describe a product or explain how a service functions, and address broader topics your clients are interested in;
  • Information videos - offer the greatest potential for topical diversity; apart from making them unique, smart or insightful, one should focus on publishing valuable content that would be readily shared by recipients;
  • Backstage and making of materials - these satisfy the viewer’s curiosity, and are perfect for showing your everyday activities, office or production processes, thus giving the recipients a better understanding of how your company operates and the values it represents; it is aimed at building trust and brand identity.

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