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Promotional video - what is it and how to use it?

Promotional video - what is it and how to use it?

The term covers various production types, differing in specifics, application and, finally, the production process.

They share one goal - to support marketing and sales activities. They are not for documentary purposes, but to present specific features and advantages of a product or service, attract the viewer to events, or to display companies or organizations in their best light while familiarising the clients with their unique offers.

There is no perfect recipe for a successful promotional video. It always involves bringing together the client's knowledge and expectations, and our own experience. When our production moves, inspires, entertains and, above all, becomes a topic for discussion, we know we have achieved success and fulfilled our goals.

5 types of promotional videos for business

There are several types of promotional videos. Find your perfect choice:

  • advertising video - presents advantages and unique features of products, services or brands; encourages its viewers to take action, be it: purchasing a product, participating in a loyalty scheme or using discounts;
  • corporate video - takes a closer look at companies or organisations – their staff, business profile, history or future prospects; an effective promotional tool for improving their image and making them stand out from their competitors;
  • presentation (product) video - a kind of combination of corporate and advertising videos, presenting companies, organisations or ideas, as well as the advantages or functioning of a product/service; often takes the form of a video case study based on B2B cooperation; it can be used to create brand or company awareness, but it is also perfect as presentation material for the company's shareholders or potential investors.
  • recruitment (employer branding) video - a special corporate video facilitating staff recruitment; such projects make a job offer even 5-times more appealing, and can make as many as 80% of potential candidates more willing to apply;
  • instructional or training video - presents product or service functioning or set procedures for different situations, allowing you to reach your clients more easily and provide key information directly and comprehensible; it can also serve as educational material, available for training purposes at any time and in any place, reducing costs of traditional courses or seminars.

Our promotional videos

Promotional video_CRYPTOMIND Promotional video_CRYPTOMIND
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