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What is an explainer video?

What is an explainer video?

Simply put, it focuses on explaining specific ideas. It is perfect for presenting a complicated topic in an engaging yet simple way, using concise and easy language, together with appealing visual creations. Such animations are often considered to be the key to effective digital storytelling, as they build an engaging narrative, using skillful metaphors and descriptions to simplify even the most complex structures into clear content. It is a natural way of getting the customers' full attention, without losing them in complex descriptions.

The universality of explainer videos makes them a great marketing communication tool in every industry. In particular, those where it is necessary to explain the mechanics of an operation or process – banking, IT, and broadly understood technologies and production.

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Tailored form

Conceptual work is the most important stage of creating the perfect explainer video. We will help you analyze your business environment, precisely and accurately identify target groups and distribution locations. The last two variables will determine not only the content but also the means of artistic expression to be used in your animation.

Both forms – e.g. 2D/3D animation or motion design – and the entire creation process, starting with colours, through motion dynamics and up to sound effects, will be tailored to your customers' expectations and your brand's visual identification.

Choose an explainer video to:

Choose an explainer video to:

  • Effectively communicate key information. Communicate information much faster and more clearly compared to multimedia presentations, website content or a regular leaflet.
  • Save time that has been spent to date accurately explaining the functioning of your product or service.
  • Increase brand awareness – we offer explainer videos in colors and in forms tailored to your brand to fully reflect its character.

Some of our explainer videos

Explainer video_DB_DIGGER Explainer video_DB_DIGGER
Explainer video_TRADER_STARS Explainer video_TRADER_STARS
Explainer video_PANSA Explainer video_PANSA
Explainer video_MY_BOX Explainer video_MY_BOX
Explainer video_MICROMOLE Explainer video_MICROMOLE
Explainer Video_SAVECART Explainer Video_SAVECART
Explainer video_ANGLOVILLE Explainer video_ANGLOVILLE
Explainer video_VIRTUA Explainer video_VIRTUA
Explainer video_SHARING4KIDS Explainer video_SHARING4KIDS
Explainer video_AUDIOLINK Explainer video_AUDIOLINK

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