Brand hero

Brand values in one form.

Heroes are among us!

Heroes are among us!

Who is a brand hero? It is wrong to think about it as a mascot. It becomes the carrier and reflection of your brand's values, makes the message clearer and creates an emotional bond with your clients. It may appear not only in promotional materials but also in all corporate documents (presentations, templates, business cards) or on the website.

Creating a suitable hero takes a lot of work and covers many aspects. You need to set the context in which it will be used and give it characteristics intricately tailored to your business. It is important for your customers to identify with the hero seen in the animated ad.

Interestingly, the brand hero can give you access to completely new marketing tools and fields of their exploitation previously unavailable to the brand. If used in communication, it often gives access to a new target group interested in your product or service.

Meet our heros

Brand hero_MY_BOX Brand hero_MY_BOX
Brand hero_VIRTUA Brand hero_VIRTUA
Brand hero_SAVECART Brand hero_SAVECART
Brand hero_TARGBAN Brand hero_TARGBAN
Brand hero_LIFE_BEE Brand hero_LIFE_BEE
Brand hero_ONG Brand hero_ONG