Animated advertising

Stand out from your competitors and give your brand a new, animated perspective.

What is animated advertising?

What is animated advertising?

Do you want to create a comprehensible advertising message consistent with your mission and values to make your brand or product stand out from your competitors? Or perhaps you wish to change the way and style of current communication? If so, then animated advertising is for you. Unique and tailor-made solutions make it a perfect distinctive mark. Why is it so important? We live in times when consumers are bombarded with thousands of advertising messages a day, and even the best product’s features and benefits can go unnoticed for users if the advertisement is lacking interesting presentation.

Our animated ads meet your current needs in every aspect. Our team will be happy to face even the most original concept, fusing it with their own ideas.

Make it possible!

Where can you use animated advertising?

It is perfect for both traditional channels, including TV or the Internet, and presentations at trade fairs or in BTL media – screens in shopping malls, showrooms and even on public transport. The key advantage of animation, along with the visual appeal, is that it can clearly present all the advantages of your product or service with or without sound effects.

Our cooperation process offers you the opportunity to decide on all aspects of the animation at every stage of its creation, starting with the definition of a broad creative concept of the "big idea”, through the creation of a script and storyboard, up to the preparation of the illustrations, their animation, and full sound effects.

Animated advertising will allow you to:

Animated advertising will allow you to:

  • Create a unique, distinctive message. Owing to the freedom it offers. Classic 2D or 3D animation, or perhaps motion design (see here)? We offer numerous options. We will help you find the best fit for you.
  • Attract your customers' attention and make your brand recognizable among them. We design every animation element, paying attention to the most difficult issues and making them comprehensible.
  • Reach further. Your promotional materials can be easily adapted for use in many channels, e.g. TV or social media. It is an easy way to make your message reach a wider audience.
  • Strengthen your relationships and engage your customers, choosing this unconventional form to tell your story. This is just one step away from building a strong, loyal group of customers.

Our portfolio

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Animated advertising_PANATTONI_EU Animated advertising_PANATTONI_EU
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